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 Refund Probably?

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PostSubject: Refund Probably?   Refund Probably? EmptySat Feb 23, 2013 6:16 am

I was playing today(23.2 - 10-12 GMT +2)on the server and i countered something unfair.
I refueled my chopper a little bit, about 3-4 jerrycans, it was surely enough to fly a bit closer to the refueling station(about 30 meters).
when i lifted off, in midair, about 10/20 meters off the ground a zombie hit me. i went unconscious, and the chopper fell.
Luckily both survived the crash, but the chopper got broken from several places, and i started bleeding.
after i entered another chopper, i went unconscious again for about 2 minutes, still bleeding, after exiting it, again, unconscious.
i bandaged myself and ran away from the zombies, checked the heli and realized i could still repair it with a bit of luck.
after that i died.
i didn't bleed, nothing, i just blatantly died.
So that is the story how i died, now i ask may you refund my gear, becouse i guess that was not my fault, it was the beta zombies that clip etc.
Im also asking is it possible to refund the chopper too, but that would probably be too much.
Thanks already.

Ps. If your answer is you are on the wrong side of the forum, i will start crying.
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Refund Probably?
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