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 Server update.

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Server update. Empty
PostSubject: Server update.   Server update. EmptyTue Apr 09, 2013 10:51 pm

Quote :
Just giving everyone an update within the last 12 hours:

The server population has slowly picked up, buts its been fun we've started the axe battle events and have been giving away items to the winners (Thanks to all who've participated in the event, and continue to do so, also being great sports about everything.) I also wanted to keep everyone who still follows our forums on what the future plans are. Myself (Chips) and Havoc are going to be building another mission file for the server which will include Npc's at certain bases and at the heli crash's to make it a little more difficult to get that golden loot, which will be custom at heli crash's that we plan to set up as well, with that will come soldiers who will shoot bandits on site. We will also be adding custom buildings which we will be adding barracks in certain area's, also fencing in some of the castles which will be explained for future events, also so people can have a site that will only allow one way in and out to protect gear/ other vehicles. We will be keeping the auto fuel at gas stations only, but hopefully with this new file the towing and heli lifting will also work. We were also looking into adding weather changes such as snow, some full moon nights just to change up the elements and give a different dynamic to the survival aspect of the game.

On that not if you have yet to join us since the server company moved us please do so and enjoy everything we're putting back into the server, we'd love to see you again.

Thanks everyone,

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Server update.
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