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 New scripts added to the server! [Sunday, April 07, 2013]

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New scripts added to the server! [Sunday, April 07, 2013] Empty
PostSubject: New scripts added to the server! [Sunday, April 07, 2013]   New scripts added to the server! [Sunday, April 07, 2013] EmptyTue Apr 09, 2013 11:57 pm

For a bit of follow up on the previous server-news post by chips, we have finished updating the server's scripts and plugins, and are now running a few fancy new additions to the server.
New additions are as follows -

Working/Running Scripts as of [April 07, 2013]

  • Full moon night-time. - This should be pretty self explanatory. With a full moon at night it's much easier to navigate and see both with and without NVGs.

  • Dog Companions. - Dogs can be found in various smaller cities up north. After each restart kennels are randomly spawned within a 100m radius from the center of the town. By walking up to a kennel and touching/scrolling your mousewheel on it a dog-companion will spawn. The dogs can be controlled by scrolling your mouse wheel and selecting one of three commands.
    1. Stay - Your companion will sit and wait for you as long as it stays alive. 2. Follow - Your companion will follow you, and attack any zombie-aggro you encounter. Be warned, your animal has a small risk of death when in combat with Zeds, and -can- be killed by players/NPCs. 3. Find Animal - Your companion will 'sniff out' an animal and lead you to him, This can be very useful when surviving in the wilderness.

  • Heli-Lifting (Air lifting vehicles). - This script should be pretty self explanatory as well. With this addition the Huey and MI17 Helicopters are able to air-lift other vehicles. Both variants of the little bird cannot air-lift. And you cannot air-lift other helicopters or planes. To airlift simply hover directly above whatever vehicle you are interested in lifting, scroll your mouse wheel, and select "Attach Cargo". Helicopters cannot air lift if they or the target are moving too quickly. Random tip - Helicopters -can- lift vehicles that have people inside of them. This can be very useful for moving friends from point A to B without having to land your helicopter. Attached cargo is dropped the same way as it's picked up, and can be dropped while moving at high speeds. (Though you'll have to be around 30-50ALT. And the passengers inside the vehicle will take no damage.)

  • Vehicle-towing. - Vehicle towing is done through the scroll menu. Simply run up to the vehicle you would like to tow, scroll, select "attach to", then run back to the vehicle you will be driving, scroll, and attach. This can be very useful for moving vehicles that are immobile, blocking pathways, or if you would like to move a vehicle and work on repairing it in a more safe area.

  • Military NPCs. - BE WARNED, THESE NPCs ARE DANGEROUS. The Military NPCs can be found up north in Chernarus. They generally travel in packs of 8-15 and are armed to the teeth. They can also be found at both the NEAF, and NWAF, but not at Balota AF. They have been known to carry anything from M240's to AS50s, generic remingtons, M4A1 CCO SD's etc. Once you find yourself working your way north, be on the look out for these guys they're extremely deadly!

  • Random Bonus Loot Tents. - Currently there are various tents around the map, in both easy, and difficult to find locations. These tents are generally themed, but are full of different types of loot. Some may be entirely packed with food and drinks, or maybe simply ammunition. These are primarily found up north, but they are scattered in the southern portion of the map as well.

  • Sitting on the back of vehicles. - This script allows players to sit on the tail of cars and trucks, Its very useful for moving with a five man group if you only have a car with four seats. Alternatively it also allows two people to share a bicycle, which can be very helpful for small teams that are sticking together.

  • 15 New Weapons. - We've added roughly 15 new weapons that are all found at heli-crashes. The Mk16 and its variants, Mk17 and its variants, and the M8 as well. There are a few other high powered weapons in the current loot table that we're currently working on nerfing. Please bear with us as this is a time consuming process and we're limited in terms of staff. We will find a balance in power!

  • Fully Lit Towns. - As if having a full moon at night wasn't enough. We've also added lighting in the towns. Certain towns no longer have electricity running through them and thus do not light up at night time. The major cities however (Cherno/Berenzino/Elektro) have fully lit buildings and certain other various things. Take your NVGs off for once in a while and check out the city at night!

  • Customized Heli Crash Loot. - With the new weapons added to the loot table, we've customized the heli-crash-loot to compensate with having more rare weapons on the table. All of the new weapons are found at these crash sites.

  • Increased Heli Crash Spawns. - Due to the fact that we now have a certain portion of gear that spawns specifically at helicopter crashes, we've decided to also increase the crash-spawn-rate. Heli crashes are fairly common, make sure to look thoroughly through the loot!

These are the current (active / live) scripts that the server is now running. For the most part all of them are flawless and we will probably hold onto them for as long as this server lives. There are a few however that need to be tweaked, and/or possibly removed. Please keep in mind that we are a progressive community, and with everybody's input and feedback we're able to change and prosper. If you don't like the way something runs in the server, or if you think a certain script is overpowered, Please post about it on the forums and let us know. We're always willing to take (almost anything) into consideration!

We also have future plans to implement the following -

  • Self-Bloodbagging. - We have plans on adding this script with the stipulation that it will have a 30-50% chance of infecting yourself with each application of a self bloodbag. This way team-play is still recommended, but it isn't impossible to survive on your own. Just make sure you always have antibiotics laying around!
  • Fast-roping from Helicopters. - At some point we're interested in getting this working as it makes roof-top insertions much easier to pull off with larger helicopters. Those valuable seconds could be the difference between life and death!
  • Vehicle Dismantling. - This script will allow you to harvest vehicle parts from already existing vehicles, and attach/use them on other vehicles of your choice. Missing a tire? Run back down the road to that truck you passed and take one of its wheels!
  • Fuel Siphoning.
- This script will allow you to (obviously) siphon gasoline from vehicles and pour them into your own vehicle.

I cannot currently offer an ETA on when these scripts will be tested for use but hopefully within the coming week these will be added as well.

New scripts added to the server! [Sunday, April 07, 2013] Dbdsigbig6
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New scripts added to the server! [Sunday, April 07, 2013]
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